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Flash Back: Promotional Products ideas of 2014

As 2014 is at it’s end, and businesses are planning to welcome 2015 with their key planes. In 2014, it’s seems like more and more people tend to use some new ages methods of advertising such as internet marketing, mobile marketing which means by more and more Promotional Products. Did people stopped using them or completely embraced with the all new methods?

Now, when we are standing the edges of ending 2014, let’s flashback some interesting and block buster marketing and advertising ideas businesses have considered this year.

Promotional Products

First for most, I like to mention that, there is no single promotional methods and ideas out there, they all have served their purpose – marketing. The all we can say that, people learn to use them in right way.

Promotional Apparel: Promotional Apparels are everywhere. It’s next to impossible if you don’t have received any kind of promotional clothing in life time. You must have at least one, somewhere in the corner of your wardrobe.

Stationary: Promotional Stationary, the most sought after kind of promotional product advertising. Consider Custom Padfolio – it makes your work organized. As far as I know, Organization is key to Productivity! This is one of the great professional approach businesses have adopted to stay organized.

Custom Padfolio

Tech Gadgets: Lately, it become a hot trend in the market to use some simple but in attractive design of Promotional Gadgets. USB flash drives, LED fans, USB hubs, Cell phone chargers and power bank are some of the most popular gadgets out there.

Personal Care Products: Businesses have been started looking into the safety and personal care items this year. Promotional lip Balm and Hand Sensitizers come up first in this category.

In 2015, my question is, “Is Promotional Products become part of Advertising and Marketing history?” No doubt, these still works and will work. Stay tuned with Astro Marketing to get some amazing and wonderful promotional products ideas for 2015.


Corporate Holiday Gifts : Say Thank You to Your Client

In this holiday season, many businesses start to plan the corporate gifts that they will sent to current clients. Not only it is thoughtful way to thank them for their business, it is a great marketing strategy to keep your business close at hand. Depending on the size of your business, the number of employees and allotted budget; corporate gift can be anything.

corporate gifts

Many business prefer to give traditional gift, such as gift baskets. Gift baskets are very common. If you know that your clients do enjoy such amazing gifts, but make sure your brand name and logo are easily and tastefully visible so that your clients can easily recall who gave that specific basket but without being overwhelmed with your corporate marketing.

Sometimes, a wise decision can put your business ahead of the curve. Logo Jackets, imprinted with your brand name and logo; can be unique, yet effective corporate gift. It may have some initial cost, but consider it as a great investment. It can be a great incentive to your clients, such as free items and services, reduced prices or by offering customer choice logo jacket.

Logo Jackets

Timing is also a factor in giving corporate gifts. Winter is here! There is nothing more useful than a logo jacket in this winter holiday season. Giving your corporate gift little earlier than other business can keep your business in the forefront.

As business owner, it is very crucial for you to consider each and every aspects of giving corporate gifts. Business advantage are must, especially from the corporate gifts around the holiday season.

Based on availability and versatility of such gifts, they are sure to be and eventual investment rather than purely expensive.

Buy our exclusive range of Logo Jacket as corporate gift for this holiday season st Astro Marketing.

Custom Leather Jacket : Men’s Styles

Unlike past days, it has become extremely easy and convenient for people of today’s to maintain a stylish lifestyle and wear the best clothes of all time.

On one hand, it is fact that men find it pointless to go around looking for the perfect outfit as they find it waste of time. Yet, they strive towards looking good. Therefore, rather than roaming around in order to find the good stuff. Men always manage to maintain the way the look and wear the clothes.

So how exactly men have and manage their life so much easier to shop for clothes?

Custom Leather Jackets

Well, frankly speaking, it’s all thanks to internet. Without this blessing – Internet, men would be never enjoying the luxuries they do so today. With this facility, men are not able to shop online for outfits such as leather jackets, as Custom Leather Jackets are probably man’s one of the favorite outerwear. And for that reason, men’s jackets are so easy to purchase now.

Instead of physically going out there and looking for the perfect jacket and the perfect size, men are now able to sit in their own comfort zone while clicking away and order the perfect jacket with the perfect size – color – brand and material.

Custom Jackets

Now another question that might pop up in someone’s mind is, how men customize their own jackets? Again thanks to internet, there are many ways in which men sit at their home and make their outfit look perfectly stylish. By choosing favorite color from the wide range and their favorite image – they can easily customize it online. By choosing color, pattern or any artwork; men can create the most fashionable and stylish men’s Custom Jackets.

So now, Search for some of the most phenomenal jackets of today’s trend at Astro Marketing.