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As 2014 is at it’s end, and businesses are planning to welcome 2015 with their key planes. In 2014, it’s seems like more and more people tend to use some new ages methods of advertising such as internet marketing, mobile marketing which means by more and more Promotional Products. Did people stopped using them or completely embraced with the all new methods?

Now, when we are standing the edges of ending 2014, let’s flashback some interesting and block buster marketing and advertising ideas businesses have considered this year.

Promotional Products

First for most, I like to mention that, there is no single promotional methods and ideas out there, they all have served their purpose – marketing. The all we can say that, people learn to use them in right way.

Promotional Apparel: Promotional Apparels are everywhere. It’s next to impossible if you don’t have received any kind of promotional clothing in life time. You must have at least one, somewhere in the corner of your wardrobe.

Stationary: Promotional Stationary, the most sought after kind of promotional product advertising. Consider Custom Padfolio – it makes your work organized. As far as I know, Organization is key to Productivity! This is one of the great professional approach businesses have adopted to stay organized.

Custom Padfolio

Tech Gadgets: Lately, it become a hot trend in the market to use some simple but in attractive design of Promotional Gadgets. USB flash drives, LED fans, USB hubs, Cell phone chargers and power bank are some of the most popular gadgets out there.

Personal Care Products: Businesses have been started looking into the safety and personal care items this year. Promotional lip Balm and Hand Sensitizers come up first in this category.

In 2015, my question is, “Is Promotional Products become part of Advertising and Marketing history?” No doubt, these still works and will work. Stay tuned with Astro Marketing to get some amazing and wonderful promotional products ideas for 2015.


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