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Promotional Items

When you look around the marketing  strategy of the businesses, you will find one thing in common – promotional items. They are an integral part of every branding strategy. The corporate believes in promotional items a lot, and why should they not as it is capable of bringing quality traffic to their businesses within limited investment. The businessmen always expect higher ROI and promotional items ensure that they receive the same. No matter whatever business you have, promotional objects are capable of endorsing your brand right way and within no time.

The irony about the Promotional Products and Marketing Items Toronto, Canada that they are available in wide range and people often get confused about which object should be selected. To help the people in selecting the appropriate promotional item to endorse their brand, we have come up with the list of trending items that can really advertise your business in a way that you will start receiving the traffic at your business within very short period of time. Let’s have a look:

Promotional Desk Accessories – If lots of clients meet you for the business purpose on daily basis, then promotional desk accessories can be right object to promote your brand. You can place the same on your desk as well, so that every visitors can notice your brand. Also, when one among these products, will be placed on your clients table, then his clients will also be able to notice your brand. This way you will get the required exposure for your brand.

Pens – These are considered as the evergreen promotional items. If you have limited budget to spend in marketing plan and are not able to find anything that can promote your business in right way, then you can blindly trust the promotional pens for the same.

Flash Drives – If your target audience is young and technical individual, then you should choose promotional flash drives to advertise your brand as it will create a good impression on the customers when they receive something very useful as a gift.

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Water makes up roughly 60% of our body. Water serves many vital functions to our body like from regulating body temperature to nutrients and oxygen to cells. To maintain out optimal health, one must consume an adequate amount of fluids per day.

Do you know? A person can leave without food about a month, but only a week without water. So, if you are seeking a more innovative and refreshing idea to increase your brand awareness, you can look no further than a branded Water Bottle as a perfect promotional solution.

Promotional Water Bottles not only keep an everyday essential in the hands of your clients or employees, they are great way to give a kick start a health and wellness initiative for healthy marketing campaign.

promotional water bottles

They are excellent way to gain maximum exposure from your brand as they are used regularly and can any where. Drinking water leads to increased energy level. They keep us hydrate especially at the daytime. So, not only you are promoting your brand, but you are promoting a healthy working environment. You can get your healthy message on it like, “Drink Water and Stay hydrate”.

Water Bottle : A Practical Giveaways

Branded Water Bottles are very practical item that used at the gym, in the office or lunch boxes, day out or even for morning-afternoon commute. Promotional Bottle is very Eco efficient solution that everyone seeks, no matter what the demographics of your customers and clients.

Promotional Bottles

As long as your customers using these branded Promotional Bottles, they will likely remember the name and logo of your brand printed on the bottle.

Research has reveled that, around 89% of people said that a product’s usefulness is the main reason why a promotional item is kept. Keeping this in mind, it seems a no brainier to incorporate a customized water bottle into your marketing campaign.

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The most innovative segment of the corporate industry and apparel industry is the Jacket trends. As the fall and winter approaches every year, the first thing people tend to reach is their jackets. Having a reliable jackets can make the difference between being comfortable and being cold. And we are at the time of the year, where winter is at it’s best.

For many people, wearing Jacket has become part of their uniform in winter. It doesn’t matter you work indoor or outdoor, warm and dependable jackets will make your workday more enjoyable. Adding your company’s logo on jacket is a great way to build brand recognition and is also another way to advertise your business.

What’s the biggest and latest trend in Custom Leather Jackets this year? Well, fashion come and go; but the trend always remain the same. Leather jackets are a great way to keep customers and employees warm and cozy, at the same time, keep your company name visible.

Custom Leather Jackets

Get your sales team out of the office and into the world with promotional Jackets featuring the company logo. They will spread marketing message to everyone they come in contact with.

Safety Jackets to the employees shows that the company is conscious regarding the safety of the employees. This make your employees more loyal and graceful with their work and organization. Your employee will love to wear these great safety gear.

Safety Jackets

Things that promote your company run in high numbers, and to decide which is the best one for your business is where the problem lies. A promotional Ideas is discussed here are higher ups and then given to one person to bring the solution to the board of the company.

Custom Promotional Jackets and Safety Jackets are basically the highest form of promotional Products used. Astro Marketing come up with some great promotional Solution.

As we are living in the generation where we all have our own computers. We also have cell phones that are always connected to the internet. Now a days, almost everything is devitalized. And you can now have all sorts of gadgets and computers affordably these days.

The question is, how does it imply? What does this imply for you when a business offer you a product that not related to the technology? What you should do? You can absolutely learn something from this and do something about it.

You can promote your business through products that work in line with those products. You should consider doing so by adding products just like Promotional USB, Power Bank, Gadget Case etc.

Promotional USB

It wasn’t long ago that as a sales person or networker, you would be carrying a pocketful of USB sticks with you at events and conferences. Your own, plus those you were receiving fro new contacts.

It become the “thing” to load killer flash or power point presentations to USB sticks and hand them out as a marketing tool. According to me, Promotional USB is one of the best Promotional Products Canada out there to consider for your promotions.

Promotional Products Canada

Before you get into Promotional USB’s, think about promotional products that you think would truly build your brand. Do they cater your clients? Do they offer the best help and they worth their time? Whatever promotional product you choose should always work for your client. This is why a Promotional USB fits in your marketing plan strategy.

Why should you Consider Promotional USB?

Various studies reveal that Promotional USB devices are quickly turning out to be a great Promotional tool. The reason for this increasing popularity is because these USB drives stay with your customers and provide offline advertisement to your business.

Ah, the wonderful time of the year – Trade shows Season! The season never ends. With this season, often client’s come with the question about what’s the latest hot or cool promotional products to giveaway.

It’s understandable that marketers want to promote their company with something that’s seen as being in tune with the time. But people are people, their choices changes according to the time. When time change, so do promotional products and needs. If you are not selling the results, this is high time to reevaluate your promotional products strategy.

Promotional Products

So here are some but obvious, hot promotional products, what your customers have not for 2015.

Hand Sanitizers: I am more than happy to find a company that hand out hand sanitizers as a giveaway. I don’t have germs phobia but I hate getting sick. Like at any networking event you shake hand with people, you need hand sanitizer. I suggest you, brand this as best you can.

Touch Screen Clean Cloth: I have received such clothes and I found it quite useful. This is something that gives your great branding opportunity. Grab it!

Re-usable Tote Bags: All the trade shows I have been to there are few exhibitors who give away tote bags; may be it’s trade show limit up to 2 to 3, I guess!

Trade Shows Giveaways

I think companies should give it to customers for great 2 reasons,

  • It gives a way to carry all the stuffs people pick up through the day.
  • It’s the largest promotional item I have ever seen.

Water Bottles: This seems very inexpensive and pretty easy giveaway to have. All you need to do is, Stickers. As I know food items have very limited self-life, Water bottle is something people tend to use after the water is gone.

The key to have successful trade shows giveaways is something that hits the Trade show. Get the best from Astro Maketing.

As 2014 is at it’s end, and businesses are planning to welcome 2015 with their key planes. In 2014, it’s seems like more and more people tend to use some new ages methods of advertising such as internet marketing, mobile marketing which means by more and more Promotional Products. Did people stopped using them or completely embraced with the all new methods?

Now, when we are standing the edges of ending 2014, let’s flashback some interesting and block buster marketing and advertising ideas businesses have considered this year.

Promotional Products

First for most, I like to mention that, there is no single promotional methods and ideas out there, they all have served their purpose – marketing. The all we can say that, people learn to use them in right way.

Promotional Apparel: Promotional Apparels are everywhere. It’s next to impossible if you don’t have received any kind of promotional clothing in life time. You must have at least one, somewhere in the corner of your wardrobe.

Stationary: Promotional Stationary, the most sought after kind of promotional product advertising. Consider Custom Padfolio – it makes your work organized. As far as I know, Organization is key to Productivity! This is one of the great professional approach businesses have adopted to stay organized.

Custom Padfolio

Tech Gadgets: Lately, it become a hot trend in the market to use some simple but in attractive design of Promotional Gadgets. USB flash drives, LED fans, USB hubs, Cell phone chargers and power bank are some of the most popular gadgets out there.

Personal Care Products: Businesses have been started looking into the safety and personal care items this year. Promotional lip Balm and Hand Sensitizers come up first in this category.

In 2015, my question is, “Is Promotional Products become part of Advertising and Marketing history?” No doubt, these still works and will work. Stay tuned with Astro Marketing to get some amazing and wonderful promotional products ideas for 2015.

In this holiday season, many businesses start to plan the corporate gifts that they will sent to current clients. Not only it is thoughtful way to thank them for their business, it is a great marketing strategy to keep your business close at hand. Depending on the size of your business, the number of employees and allotted budget; corporate gift can be anything.

corporate gifts

Many business prefer to give traditional gift, such as gift baskets. Gift baskets are very common. If you know that your clients do enjoy such amazing gifts, but make sure your brand name and logo are easily and tastefully visible so that your clients can easily recall who gave that specific basket but without being overwhelmed with your corporate marketing.

Sometimes, a wise decision can put your business ahead of the curve. Logo Jackets, imprinted with your brand name and logo; can be unique, yet effective corporate gift. It may have some initial cost, but consider it as a great investment. It can be a great incentive to your clients, such as free items and services, reduced prices or by offering customer choice logo jacket.

Logo Jackets

Timing is also a factor in giving corporate gifts. Winter is here! There is nothing more useful than a logo jacket in this winter holiday season. Giving your corporate gift little earlier than other business can keep your business in the forefront.

As business owner, it is very crucial for you to consider each and every aspects of giving corporate gifts. Business advantage are must, especially from the corporate gifts around the holiday season.

Based on availability and versatility of such gifts, they are sure to be and eventual investment rather than purely expensive.

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